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May 31st, 2017

[Picture of my desk]
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I've decided upon starting a day early, mostly due for making sure everything is setup correctly, and partially due to a desire to begin this already. As of right now I am typing away on my Amiga, the regular Lonovo laptop I use has been packed up and put away, and my cellphone has been configured as a FTP server. I shall be creating the webpage from this computer, and uploading it via my cellphone.

So, onward to the goal of Amiga Month.

No other personal computer shall be used, with the exception for learning Java, I will use my RCA tablet to accomplish this. It shall not be connected to the Internet and the only programs I will use on it shall be netbeans, and a PDF reader. This is a fairly straight forward goal, which does not need to go into great detail. I will also have my cellphone, which as stated above shall be used to connect to Neocities and upload my files. I have no limitations placed on the cellphone, however there is no need, since I rarely use it for anything other than taking pictures, texting and making calls.

Essentially, Amiga Month is a switch over from using the Lonovo as my main computer, to using this Amiga. There will be an emphasis on maintaining the Amiga as the main computer, to accomplish this, no other computer shall be used with the exception of the RCA which shall be disconnected from the Internet.

Now, why in the world would I wish to do this?

There are a few reasons, some of them regard nostalgia, others are boredom with how easy computing has become, add a dash of trying to spice up my life. It is pretty sad, that this is considered spicing up my life though. It really is how I see it, since the 90s I have been infatuated with computers. To really understand why, you would need to know how much of an introvert I am. Computers have for a long time now, represented a window to the outside world. I'm sure a few of you can relate to that. I am not nor have I ever been a people person, yet the desire to converse with others has been there. It is for that reason, that I would consider spicing it up a bit.

Not long ago, on a retro forum, an individual had asked people why do they use older computers. My reply was that retro computing is like camping. And it is, it is roughing it digitally - no matter how silly that sounds. It is sort of like "getting back to nature" on a computing scale. Instead of your house, you have a tent, instead of your oven, you have a propane grill, instead of electric lights, you have a lamp. On the Amiga I face similar comparisons, this is as close of an answer I have been able to think of so far.

Retro computing, and camping offer no rational or logical reasoning. It is something we do to experience an alternative to the mundane.