RCA Tablet
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Model: Cambio W116 V2
Screen size: 11.6 inch
CPU: Z3735F
RAM: 2gb DDR3L-RS 1333
OS: Windows 10
Storage: 32gb

  • 1 x DC-in
  • 1 x Headphone
  • 1 x Microphone
  • 1 x MicroUSB 2.0
  • 1 x MiniHDMI
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x Mini SD reader

[Picture of RCA tablet] This is the computer I take with me everywhere, it is a simple two in one tablet, I purchased over a year ago for about $110. You will notice how beat up it is, the digitizer has been cracked and as such the touch screen is no longer useable, however, since I've only used it with the keyboard that is not such a big deal. More than likely I'll buy one in the future, they are pretty cheap. This is one of those cheap tablets you see on the shelves of most stores like Walmart, where the screen detaches from the keyboard. I also have another like this one, a nextbook tablet which is smaler, and slower.

[Picture of RCA tablet] It is not the greatest of gaming laptops, but I can play TBC on a private server, along with Minetest (an awesome minecraft clone), I've even seen similar tablets using the Z3735F processor running games such as Skyrim (640x480) and the MOP for world of warcraft. It is pretty amazing that such a cheap little tablet can pull all of that off. I mostly play older games regardless, so it does everything I want it to do for entertainment, including watching videos, playing music, browsing the web, running DOSbox, Cygwin, and a few others.

For browsing the web, I usually use elinks, which does an amazing job at keeping my bandwidth down while relying on my 1 gig data limit. Usually I am away for two to three hours a day, browsing away and rarely do I go over 10mb, playing World of Warcraft for about an hour and a half uses about the same, it is pretty remarkable how little bandwidth you can use to keep yourself entertained. The battery will give me close to three hours while playing video games, or watching videos. On top of all of that though, the tablet can be charged through the MicroUSB, which means I can keep it running indefinitely when plugged into my deep cycle marine battery, or car. It is a fantastic tablet to keep with me when camping as the such.

[Picture of RCA tablet] The main limitation on it for me, would be the storage.. at only 32 gb it is easy to fill it up, thankfully I have another 64gb from an SD card, and if I really wanted to I could add a USB hdd. One of the things that does bother me with this tablet, is the digitizer, it is more or less a giant sticker, no kidding. An adhesive piece of plastic, connected to glass, which you stick to the casing of the tablet.. no screws, no clips, just sticky plastic. The downside of this, is that plastic is easy to scratch. If you look at my picture, you will see scratches all over the screen. If I ever get another digitizer, I'm going to add yet another piece of plastic to protect the screen.

Update: 5/02/2017


I've replaced the glass screen, it was easy enough to do with a heat gun on low settings, and was an inexpensive fix. One thing that bothers me, is that the plastic covering over the glass screen has already shown marks on it after a couple of weeks of use. The fault lays with the size of the screen and lack of support in the center, I have little abrassions all around where the screen meets the touchpad when closed. If anyone has this model, I would suggest placing a thin towel between the tablet and keyboard when closed. Another fault is, where the screen clips into the keyboard - this area is marked fairly heavily and I do not know a work around - perhaps some scotch tape but I haven't tried doing so. With that said, I still do enjoy this cheap little tablet. More than likely, the damage occurs because I toss the tablet in a backpack every day, and am not very gentle with it.

If you are interested in how to replace this sort of screen, there has been a video made by another person that provides great information. You can find the video HERE. The video is of a RCA Maven pro, which is very similar to the Cambio. Make sure if you do purchase a screen, you get one for your particular model.