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I love meh dogs, although they can get to be a bit of a handful at times. I might post more in the future, for now I'll just put up a few pics and a brief description of each.

The golden dog we call Sparkles, the white dog is Guinevere, unfortunately she passed away about a year ago :( Sparkles was purchased by my mother in law, and dropped off to our house, despite our protests. She is quite a hand full very unruly highly energetic, but just the same we love her. She has destroyed two couches so far, and a love seat.. A It took us months, but eventually we were able to potty train her. As far as I know, her breed is simply called "Florida Brown Dog", a mix between a few different breeds which is common in Florida. She has a very expressive face, and you can actually see when she is happy because she smiles, when she is sad her eyes get droopy, it is really strange to see such expressions come to life in a dog. Everytime she smiles, I can't help but feel happy because it is cute.

Guinevere was an abandoned dog that we adopted, she was an incredibly loving dog, that spent most of her time sitting on our laps watching TV with us, and was incredibly mellow, especially considering that she was a Jack Russel, she was the opposite of what most people have said them to be like. She lived a long happy life, thirteen years if the vet was accurate with her age, she spent about ten of them with us. The house felt very empty after she passed away.

Above is J.D, short for John Doe. He is about four years old according to the vet. We were not looking for another dog, but he had been hanging out in our yard, and I gave him some food because he looked starving. Originally, I had hoped he would make his way back to his house, but he stuck around our house for a couple of weeks. Every day I came home from work, he would run around from the back yard to greet us. We put up a few pamphlets for him around the neighborhood, checked with the pound, local vets, even a facebook page (for lost and found dogs) but no one came forward to claim him. After about two weeks we let him in the house, and he has been with us since 2016 now. He is well behaved, potty trained, does a few tricks, and it is just shocking that a dog this well trained was abandoned. We took him to the vet, got him fixed, gave him his shots, had him chipped, took care of his ear mites, as well as his allergies and he has been quite a loving dog. We have kept the name JD, and while it is very sad to think about, if the owners ever came forward I would give him up.

As you can see in the picture, he is a lapdog, he loves to get as much snuggling in as possible, and is incredibly jealous of when I give Sparkles attention. He is a very vocal dog, when it comes to being hungry, wanting to go outside, being jealous of sparkles.. it is actually kind of funny, because while he is vocal it is not loud and obnoxious, and he is not much of a barker, he is a cool dude. I think he is a bulladore which is a mix between lab and bull dog. Some people have said he is a pitbull, but I don't see it.

Like I said, I love my dogs, but they are a ton of responsibility and expensive. I've always been more of a cat person, they are easy to take care of.. After they are gone, I don't see us having dogs again in the future, despite how cool they are.