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My PCMCIA wireless card, yep.. my Amiga is wireless :) I connect via WEP though, as I can not seem to connect to WPA, it is pretty fast though and I don't have to run wires across two rooms.

My old commodore mouse, this one did not come with my Amiga. I lost the one that did, it probably is in some old box hanging out in my garage. This one feels pretty good despite the fact that it is shaped like a box.

Here is my cheap scandoubler/flicker fixer. It is a GBS8200, and it allows me to connect my Amiga through to my VGA monitors, and so far has supported all video modes I need to play games and work on the workbench. It cost me $27.00 on ebay, which beats the ones that cost over $100 that were designed specifically for amigas, it is not as good - but it does well enough.

And last but not least, a picture of this webpage, on my A1200. Screen resolution is a bit less than 800x600, and it is running 256 colors. I'll add more pictures as I get new stuff :) Thanks for checking out my Amiga.

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