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June 6th, 2017


I did not find quite as much to configure today, as I did yesterday. I just started to get moving into programming on the Amiga, but I am just scratching the surface at this point, and I am so rusty with programming that there is not much to talk about other than how excited I am. Instead of messing about with configuring things, I simply played video games, browsed the web, and read a few pages on developing.

In the above picture, you can see Darkmere, an amazing RPG for it's time. Although it was first published in 1993, this is my first go of the game and it is easily one of my favourite so far. This along with Eye of the Beholder take a lot of my time on this computer, it is hard to get involved with more games than this for now. Although I do enjoy playing Crazy Cars 3 a lot, and it is not quite as demanding.

I wish I could have taken some screen shots for darkmere, I took a few pictures with my phone but they all came out horrible, the best I could do was to find one online.


Here is a screen shot of sysinfo, giving a little information about my computer. 29.87 mips is about all she gives me, not very much at all, considering when I run an emulator on my RCA tablet I get past 200. Hopefully that new Vampire expansion card I keep talking about comes out soon, I was just looking at some of the results people have had, and they have the card up to 200 mips - this is according to older tests. Who knows where they will go next.

With a faster processor, my Amiga would be able to play movies, I could run Quake, Quake 2, use a more modern browser.. It would also open up the graphics a bit, allowing 720p output.

But, even moving in the slow lane of 68040 I have a ton to do on this computer, I have had no shortage of entertainment in these past six days. If anything, I often find myself staying up late, trying to squeeze in a few more hours to make something work just right.

[Gloom Deluxe]

Okay, I lied.. I did get to configuring some stuffs today, I have been wanting to play Gloom Deluxe for the past couple of days, but in order to do that, I would need to copy the ADF images over to floppy disks, and I wanted to find another way. ADF by the way, is "Amiga Disk Format" it is like an ISO file, but for amiga floppy disks. Much like on a PC there is a method to mount the floppy disks, and I figured it out after about a half hour of fiddling with the program DiskImage.. now that I have gotten it to work, it seems pretty trivial. Now to upload the Day 6 blog and then play some sweet sweet gloom =)