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June 4th, 2017

[Picture of my workbench]
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Day 4 of Amiga month has graced me,and once again, my little miggy keeps on going, she is indestructible I tells ya! I hope I did not just jinx myself in my moment of pride. Today has been relatively uneventful, I mostly just listened to a few mods while playing around on the web. I did receive a RCA audio to 3.5mm adapter so I could plug my speakers in, none of the stores around me have one that has a female 3.5.. So I had to get one off Amazon. Prior to this one, I had another adapter that was flimsy and I would usually only get sound out of one speaker. Now I can fully appreciate all of the great mods the world has to offer. If you ever find yourself interested in playing mods, check out the mod archive, online at https://modarchive.org/ It has a ton of them online.

Aminet.net also has a huge collection. I've been downloading industrial mods all day, and there is a ton of good stuff there.

I would stream music, but without additional hardware, the higher bitrate music beats up the CPU, and makes multitasking a difficult endeavor. I could probably get away with a very low bitrate, but I have not found any stations I would enjoy that playthe music I like.

[Picture of MagiC64]

I've also been planning on playing around with a c64 emulator, called Magic64, and it plays pretty good on my Amiga. I've played a few games, and they have all ran really good with the exception of one title, The Great Giana Sisters, that game bogs it down a bit but I can still play it. I'll probably cover this emulator a bit more in the future after I have fiddled with it a bit more.

I'm afraid there will not be much more to write about today, because I have been busy around the house, and tonight we are going out to the movies. I've been looking at a bunch of games, but to be honest I have such a huge collection I don't think I could finish them all in a month