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June 3rd, 2017

[Eye of the Beholder picture]
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Eye of the Beholder, an amazing game, that I spent a few more hours playing today. I even grabbed some graph paper, and made a map of the dungeon as I moved around. I know there are some available online, but unfortunately with these Amiga games, you can not multitask. Even trying to take a screenshot crashes the game out, hence the picture above, taken by my phone, then converted to 256 colours (down from millions).

I considered loading the UAE (an amiga emulator) on my RCA, and taking screenshots, but that defeats the purpose of Amiga Month! I haven't so much as even turned it on, and the only personal computer I have used is this amiga - with the exception of helping my wife figure things out on her Macintosh.

It seems limited, surely to not be able to multitask while gaming, but that is not the case when I play games that do not rely on the program WHDLoad, with Doom and Hexen I can pop in and out of to do other things. Also, it was not that long ago when I used to have two PCs to play EverQuest and browse the web at the same time. I digress though, this is old hardware and I still am impressed with it.

[Mouse insides picture]

I also took my mouse apart and cleaned it, remember these old mouse balls? I haven't seen this style of mouse around for years now, but I used to enjoy taking them apart and cleaning them. I also used to like to take them out from my co-workers mice and leaving them in a state of confusion. (tape works for laser mice). There are conversion kits available for this online, I could make it a laser mouse, but this one works fine enough, although after cleaning it I do notice it slipping. Perhaps that grime was actually helping out with the roller traction..

I also cleaned my Amiga keys, and case, as well as speakers as they looked grungy as heck.

[AmIrc client]

Last night, I fired up AmIRC, and was brought back in time. It seems so dead now though, I hit up a few different channels, my favourite was #geek which was sort of trivia channel with a robot setup to ask questions every minute or two. I also browsed the web, finding older sites and webpages and a huge wave of nostalgia washed over me, it was amazing! All the while, I listened to to old mod music, which really pushed the old school feel of computing.

Now I am thinking of trying to rebuild my 90s windows PC, a 486 running an AMD 5x86 133mhz. I forget how much ram I had on it, but I do remember buying a 1gb HD - which was considered a lot at the time. I don't have space for that unfortunately though, I suppose I could just put a mid tower off to the side of this desk, get a KVM switch for the monitor - but.. the prices for 486s are outrageous now. Meh, perhaps sometime in the future. Anyway, my miggy is more than enough to keep me entertained all day long..

No kidding, I am having a lot of fun on this old machine. There is a lot to be said about my 4 year old laptop, with 16gb of ram, I can do all sorts of things on it, but it is not always about what you can do on a computer, it is about setting things up just right, making things work just right, and fixing things.. at least that is how it is for me.

I do look forward to when the Vampire expansion card is released though, when that happens, it will probably bring this Amiga to a comparable speed to my old 5x86 133mhz PC :)

Okay, I've been rambling on for long enough, I have to save some for tomorrow, and thus, this concludes day 3 of Amiga month.