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June 29th, 2017

[Gloom Intro screen]

Today has been one of those unproductive days, where mostly all I have done is play video games I spent a lot of time playing classic Amiga games, such as Crazy Cars III, I revisited Populous, even spent some time back in Gloom, which is pictured above.

[Gloom npc blow up]

Dang, this game is gory. Sometimes you can also see their face flying through the air, ha! The original Quake gibs was just a bit more fun though, kudos to those of you who know what I am talking about.

Right now I'm at a loss of what to write about. Not to mention I'm being lazy, I could write about music, I know! I haven't really touched on playing around on the Internet.


If you ever wonder why my images are so small, now you know :) My resolution is set at 724 x 542 on my screen, these images look pretty big. I've tried to design my webpage to work on older computers, even on elinks, a text browser I use when away from the house and trying to save banwidth. One day I'll show a picture of my site in elinks.


Hey, it's Neocities!! My favorite place on the web =) It doesn't quite run like it should on this browser, but I can view a few sites on my Amiga.


Here is a site that looks really good on my computer. I also like to check out older pages, they run pretty good. As you can see, this browser supports tabs (called browsers), it was actually one of the first if not the first browser to support that feature.

I usually have at least three tabs open whenever browsing the web. I've never tried to go past nine, but even at that high of a number iBrowse does a decent job. Of course, with no CSS support, along with limited javascript, most sites do not display correctly. In addition, because it is an older computer, when scrolling down text it is not quite so smooth, but, it works.

Once I get that vampire accelerator I keep talking about, I'll install a newer browser that does support CSS, and it will be smooth sailing.