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June 27th, 2017

[Gauntlet III end picture]

Sorry about the lousy quality picture, I must have had the colour depth off by a bit. Anyway, yesterday I beat Gauntlet III and it was a lot of fun. It wasn't very difficult at all, in fact for the most part my health stayed close to the top through most of the end. For those of you curious, the upper limit of health was 9,800.

After I uploaded yesterday's blog, I fired up the game, fooled around with HRTMon to try to get a few screen shots in the game, but had no luck. Around five pm I started the game fresh, and finished it almost around midnight, it was a long game - but I did take a few breaks as the game offers a pause feature.

There were a few spots that had me laughing, imagine if you will, wandering through a fantasy setting and then having killer tomatoes bouncing toward you - lol! Then there were the viscous six foot penguins equipped with melee weapons. There were even creatures that resembled Orko from the 80s cartoon He-Man, complete with a letter on the front of their robe.At the end there are some jack in the box creatures, that pop out and attack you with knives. All of which, I really wish I could show you.

Toward the tail end, I was worried that I had crashed the game. I entered a castle and most of the graphics were glitched. There were mobs in the castle, treasure chests, and invisible walls, the textures of the walls and floors were glitched, it looked like a cascade of multicolored rectangles. I traversed them bumping into walls I could not see, and found nothing that would be of any use. Shortly after entering, I found my way back out, and the game looked normal. It must be a bug with the game. After finishing the objective, I returned to the glitched castle, and instead of showing the inside of it, it displayed a winning screen along with the screen of the image I uploaded.

The only real frustrating parts of the game were moving around in the isometric setting, while bumping into a ton of obstacles, and how fast the creature spawn boxes would shoot out mobs at you toward the end of the game. If you run into a lot of those spawners, it takes a while to fight through them to get to the boxes themselves to destroy them.

I was expecting some sort of boss fight at the end of each level, however, there are none. There are a lot of different types of mobs, and objectives you must meet to proceed though.

Those were rather minor issues though, as I enjoyed the game tremendously and felt a sense of accomplishment after winning :) I finished the game with 437,741 points and 8,974 hitpoints left.

[Gauntlet III map]

I found the above image in the Gauntlet III directory, this is what it should look like minus the title. What a difference! Mine seems to be missing the green and red colours. Bleh, figures.. after I took my screen shot, it glitched out the graphics so I could not enter my name in the highscore listing. Not that it matters, I don't think it saves it anyway.

[FlashBack intro]

With Gauntlet III done with, I now am going to divert a bit of my attention over to FlashBack, it has been years since I played this game, and when I did play it, I did so on the Super Nintendo, I believe. It must have been the early 90s, we rented the game from our local video rental place, and I never did have much time to get very involved with it.



Here are a couple of screenshots I was able to grab through HRTMon, thankfully it works with this game. I'm just starting out, and familiarizing myself with the controls. With only one button on Amiga's controllers, it takes a bit to figure everything out.

It is still fairly early in the day, so I'm going to get a bit of time in the pool, make dinner, learn a bit more assembly, and then give this game more attention. I hope there is a way to save in this one :)