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June 21st, 2017

[Gauntlet II]

I love Gauntlet, ever since the early 90s when my friends and I came across it for the very first time at an arcade at an amusement park called "Fun Town". We spent most of the day glued to the arcade, rather than going on the rides, it was just such an amazing game.. and it even had a narrator talking, that was just unheard of at the time for my friends and I. The last time I saw this arcade, was at a really cool place not too far from where I live, called Disney Quest, which has five stories of various arcade games. It has been years since I have been there though.

Although it has been years since I played the arcade version, even today, the game gets a fair bit of use on my Amiga. The image quality was really lousy for this capture, unfortunately, I had to resize it and it took several times, a few crashes, until I just settled for this.

Originally, this game would not produce very much of a capture at all when trying to grab it from HRTmon. Eventually, through trial and error I discovered a feature, that is not in the help menu of this program. The keys "-" and "=" lower and increase the graphics bit, using this and making my capture 4 bit brought out all of the colors, originally it was a very dull black and white with little detail, after the colors popped and so did the details.

[Crazy Cars III]

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Crazy Cars III, although it did produce more colors than I was originally getting as well as more details. Originally I just saw basic shapes in black and white. I'll eventually figure out how to make it look right, as it stands right now though I can get a lot of screen captures of games through WHDLoad.

[Cannon Fodder]

Another picture of a game I've been playing as of late, Cannon Fodder. Look at all of those crosses, unfotunately, my squad walked through a land mine it seems. I was doing pretty good up to about that point. This game is a lot of fun, I see why it makes the top of so many lists.

[Day 21]
Drawing curtosy of my daughter

Wow, another week has come and is on it's way out since starting this. There is always something to do on my computer, I still feel the same way I did in the weeks past. I'm really loving this, and can imagine myself sticking to the Amiga as my main computer after this month is over with. Sure, there are limitations, but it has been a lot of fun working around those limitations, honestly, the hardest part so far is trying to keep the blog slightly interesting - but even writing these are a lot of fun.

The more I think about it, the more I see cellphones are becoming the standard device people are using for computers now anyway. My wife for example, almost solely uses her phone for everything- outside of work. Her coworkers are much the same.

Computers seem to becoming archaic devices as people are relying more and more on smaller devices, just as Ray Kurzweil had predicted. I think I will always have a soft spot for them, because computing is more than social media, it is a hobby for me. Where better to get that fix than the amiga itself! Of course, I will have my other computers to play around with too, but the Amiga is such a simple machine to goof around on, it is a great choice to stick with.

Imagine what computing will be like in another twenty years? Will keyboards and mice even be around anymore? Will I be telling my grand children about the great times I had taking apart my mice and keyboards, to clean the components x)

I was sitting here a few days ago, wondering why I bother with playing around with a computer this old, it is not going to fetch me any money if I learn how to program on it, anything I do learn on it, is not going to be of much use off the Amiga, but the thing is, it is just fun. Isn't that the ultimate point to everything in life, having a good time - or working toward that goal.

So, to that end, I'm going to enjoy it for a while longer.