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June 20th, 2017

[Cannon Fodder]

[Cannon Fodder]

In between shopping, mowing our yard, and taking a refreshing swim in the pool, and making a pizza I have been playing a bit of Cannon Fodder. This has got to make the top ten of almost every Amiga games list I have seen. For me, I have never really played it very far though. I am still just hitting the snow area, and recently figured out how to pick up the grenades.

Also, my wife printed a ASM book for me, which is about 200 pages. I've been looking for some other Assembly books to buy online, but they are outrageous, there are even some out there going for over $1,000 on Amazon. Retro computing is a lot of fun, but holy prices, batman! The rates people charge for some stuff is outrageous. Even older 486 computers look to be insanely high. I will never pay the prices I have seen for some of these machines - or books for that matter.

I do have a few older computers though, Two power Macs, which shall be tested out in July to see if they still work, my hopes are not too high though because they have been in my Garage for the past eight years, Also I have an Apple ][c, and a pentium 2 (I believe, I will have to double check). The Macs were purchased on ebay for just a few dollars, for that matter I also bought an Amiga 500, 1000, and 2000 for incredibly cheap on ebay back in the late 90s.. To see how much the prices have risen in that time is a real shame, especially for those of you who are interested into getting in using these things.

Thankfully, Vampire is making a stand alone system. There is also a few other systems worth considering, MorphOS is something to look at, and of course there are new Amiga computers out there as well. Amiga 1222, a PPC motherboard is still a few hundred dollars, but very tempting. AROS is free, but you need to ensure your hardware is supported. And then there is good old WinUAE, which is free, and runs very well.

I've been flirting with the idea of purchasing a Raspberry PI, and installing it into an older Amiga 1200, or 500 case, it would be much faster than this computer, but I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to running emulation. I like emulating systems, but it is not quite the same. It is easier, it is a simple matter of switching out of the emulator and doing everything else on the host OS.. see - stubborn, and I will admit, a bit irrational. The challenge of sticking to the OS specific to the hardware leaves little room to find an easier way of getting things done.


I'm still goofing around with Assembly, none of this is my code, I'm just copying it from the video I talked about yesterday. I have a long ways to go, but I'm picking up a little bit here and there.