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June 19th, 2017

There is not much to write about today, a hangover as a result of drinking last night has more or less left me incapacitated for much of the day. I swear, I have become such a light weight - six beers and I am feeling lousy the next day. To think, in my younger days I could drink 10 - 12 beers, get up at 7 in the morning, go to work and be just fine.


After half an hour nap, I finally feel more like myself at 2:00pm. So, in continuation with yesterday, I have decided to learn a bit of assembly to understand how a lot of the data I see in HRTmon works - and also, because it is really neat stuff. I mean, I get to probe into the depths of my computer, fiddle with registers, and cause all sorts of havoc!!

I would give you an explanation of what all of the above does, but honestly - I am a complete novice at this. I think cmp is compare, bne is not equal, beq is equal, I can see loops there $bfe001 appears to be hardware, #6 is the right mouse button, I changed it to #7 and that changed it to my joystick button. rts, seems to be what ends the program. All very fascinating stuff.

There is a really cool video series online called "Amiga Hardware Programming" created by a user by the alias of ScoopexUs. I have been watching it, on my TV while typing away on my amiga - so I am not cheating Amiga month ;). There are a few sites out there that explain 68k asm as well, so there is quite a bit to work with.


I've also been on a Populous 2 kick, all week actually. This game is really addictive and fun. In the above screen capture (woot woot!) you can see the bad guys don't have a chance, look at all the blue dots in the map above, that is me, the good guy. When playing this game, I'll give the opposing team a shot, I'll even destroy some of my castles, lay out a lot of land for them to take control of, then I crush them MWAHAHAHA!


And so, the game was won. I've always loved this little cut shot, you can see the little people doing their own thing, the map itself shows good fighting bad, you can see where the land is built up and so on, and then the flames coming from out of the table. It was really well put together.

But for now, I'm going to lay down the joystick for a bit, and try to figure out a little more assembly - I've found something that could easily keep me busy for the next month.