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June 18th, 2017

[Lotus 3 image dump]

[Lotus 3 image dump]

I spoke too soon regarding my ability to take screen shots, although I am still pretty stoked about HRTmon. Above are a couple of images I snagged from memory, it is very interesting stuff. I am a novice at this sort of stuff, and it is not like there is a ton of information out there I have access to, so this is more of a mystery to me.

And I like that, I like trying to figure things out, fiddling around until I have an "ah ha" moment. Just speculating at the moment, it appears that perhaps there may be layers stored in memory that are combined to produce the final picture that is displayed, I have come to such a speculation from seeing various images repeated, each slightly different. This is really fascinating, of course I probably am completely wrong, but that is okay if I am, this is the best way I learn about how things work.

That is one of the things I like about older computers, they can challenge you, leave you pondering about how things work, digging around the Internet for very vague information that you, yourself, put together until you build a bigger picture and gain a deeper understanding of it all.

The above captures a lot of my fascination with this old Amiga, it is not always just about the games, the OS, or even the hardware, it is the process of discovering things about them, of learning how it all works.

[Chaos Engine 2 image dump]

Notice above, in Chaos Engine 2, the image is perfect. I wonder why this is, what the developers did differently. You'll also notice in the above, part of the image repeated, in HRTmon I can scroll up and down, and see a variety of images, as said earlier some of them repeat, yet are different.

With yesterday's pictures, I cut off the extra portion, resized the image, so you would not see everything else. The extra was included intentionally,to try to give you an idea of what it is like.

Very interesting stuffs, at least to me. I will probably spend the remainder of today goofing around with HRTmon, perhaps I'll also find another monitor and compare the differences, for all I know it may just be specific to this one monitor.

All of this makes me interested in learning assembly as well, the more knowlege I gain in assembly the more I will understand all of this.

That is all for now, I'm going to upload this entry a bit earlier for today - it is Father's day, and I plan on enjoying it with a few beers later on, perhaps a swim in the pool, and listen to a few 90s alternative songs. For those of you who are a father, happy father's day! I hope your day goes along fantastic =)