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June 17th, 2017

[Amiga running HRTmon]

Today was amazing, and I am completely stoked right now. It is amazing how the little things in life, are what bring me so much.

After researching a bit on older Amiga hardware, I came across Action Replay and discovered you could do all sorts of cool things with it. After researching a bit more, I found HRTmon - a monitor for Amiga's memory. The picture above is my Amiga running it (sorry for the lousy quality).

I can do all sorts of cool things with this program, things such as create cheats for games, peek in to see how things work, and also, I can see the image data stored in memory, in addition to that, I can grab that data, save it to iff format and well, I basically have the ability to take screenshots now. Woot woot!

[darkmere logo]

[darkmere eggs]

I've been wanting to take screenshots for over two weeks now, I looked around on the Internet, and read a few times it could not be done, all of the solutions were applicable to WinUAE (an amiga emulator for windows).

Noop, it is possible to do it with HRTmon. It is not as simple as pushing a button, it may require a bit of fiddling, but it is possible.

If you may be curious how to do it, it is really simple.

Go to WHDload's site, find their link for HRTmon. A simple google search should bring you there. Download it, extract it, read the documentation, and run it.

Add the following to your WHDload game's Tool Type:
FreezeKey= (whatever key you want to bring up HRTmon)

Then start your game. Hit the freeze key you designated in your tool type, and viola you will be in hrtmon.
From there type:

then type:

You will see a display fiddle with it, till it looks right. Press F10 and then type SP (whatever the name of the file you want to save) It will save it as .iff format.

That is all there is to it folks, hope I helped someone out there.

[flying toasters]

I can even take a screenshot of my blankers (screen savers) now. Paint me happy people, it is a good day. I really love figuring this sort of stuff out, it really makes my day.