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June 14th, 2017

[Darkmere Forest]

[Entrance to the Underworld]

Today was spent playing Darkmere, I finished the forest section and have now moved on to the ending of the UnderWorld portion of the game. I will probably have the game finished by tomorrow, right now I am trying to kill of 16 baby dragons, which will be followed up by their mother Enywas.

It is actually a pretty easy game, which I am fine with. This last portion is only difficult because it is hard to find the right hit box for those baby dragons. As it should be, I mean they are flying around. After I am done with this game, I am going to see if I can get DragonStone to work on my Amiga, Dragon Stone is the sequel to Darkmere from my understanding, and it looks like a fun game as well.

I downloaded both of these screen shots, and noticed that they are lacking the character, I am wondering if someone ripped them from a data file - this is something I will look into shortly as a means to get more images, it would also be pretty cool to be able to decorate an Amiga section with all of my favorite characters.

[Road Rash]

I've also downloaded Road Rash, the above is the screen capture from a Genesis I believe, but the graphics are very similar. I used to play this game for hours on end, with my brothers and friends. I look forward to getting a mouse/joystick switch so that two player games are a little easier on this system, so my wife and I can duke it out a bit. As it is now, if two joysticks need to be plugged in, the Amiga has to be shutdown, I have to plug in the second controller, and then I need to use the keyboard to manuever the cursor to open the game, along with the genesis controller's second button to act as a mouse click. It is a bit of a burden. Hot swapping the mouse out for the controller could lead to a short, so there is little alternative outside of a switchbox.

[Day 14]

A drawing my daughter made me

I had so much written down, and then - I somehow lost it. Oh well, it is more or less a repeat of what I wrote last week. Day 14 has come, and is on it's way out, and I am still enjoying this computer just as much as I was when I started.

The Amiga is an amazing hobbyist machine, you start out with a very basic OS, in my case, workbench 3.1, and you add to it. You build it up as you want it to be built, make it look how you want it to look, and in the end you have a system that you mostly put together - and hopefully it all runs just right!

I have mine now, where it rarely crashes, certainly less than Windows ME did x) I have all of the tools I need, and I think it looks lovely - the retro fonts and low res images just do something for me.

Sometimes, I think of this computer in terms of Star Trek, being that I am limited to 2 megabytes of chip ram (graphics), I have to divert resources to applications, I can have this word processor up for spell check, I can have music playing, my browser running, but if I want to edit an image, something has to be closed! I have to reroute life support to the shields! I think that is actually a bit of fun though, I'm weird like that.

It is outdated, but that is all part of the charm. If I were on my PC right now, I would probably be watching videos on youtube, or reading the news, I would not be researching how to configure a piece of software, I would not be jotting notes down on a piece of paper, or even drawing out a map for a game.

I love progression, but I like to be part of it all, I like to have some say in what I am doing, to have some part in it. That is what the Amiga represents to me.