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June 12th, 2017

[Micro GoldED]

Another day, another blog =) My Amiga is really starting to come together with everything I could possibly want, today I found yet another piece of software that is going to help things out a lot, GoldEd a fantastic editor for coding, and for me creating this webpage. I was goofing around with a bit of C programming today, I'm not really good, in fact this was just copied from an online tutorial for programming on an Amiga, it is pretty good as far as I can determine.

[Micro GoldED]

It is really strange to see how much I can fit onto my 4gb hdd, which is actually just a compact flash card. Here is a picture I took a while ago, it actually runs pretty good, but I do not even get close to 30mb/s. It is much slower closer to about 1.5mb/s.. even that seems to be stretching it.

I have the card setup in three different partitions, one is where all of my System files go, aptly called "System", another where most of my utilities, games, and the such go, called "Work", and the last is for downloads, and testing software called "Extras"

  • System has 180mb free, and has used 34mb.

  • Work has 1188mb free, and has used 717mb.

  • Extras has 1647mb free, and has used 16mb.

  • When you consider I setup this card about three years ago, and have installed a ton of things, it really just goes to show you how far 4gb can go on these older machines.

    [old times]

    Most of today was out and about, and also scooping frog eggs out of my pool.. fun times, oh yes, fun times. Otherwise I spent a lot of time browsing older sites, and reminiscing.

    If you haven't already check out some Tripod sites, they have a ton of them out there still from the 90s. Then there is oocities, an archive of a ton of older geocities pages. I spent a bit of time looking for my old one, but have as of yet to find it.


    While browsing, I found this classic on Tripod, check it out.


    A lot of sites out there work perfectly on my old browser, and hardly take up any memory, I had up to nine tabs open last night while just browsing around oocities.

    I really wish there were a search engine out there, that only searched for personal web pages. I have a lot of fun going through them all and checking out what people have put out there, it is one of the reasons I love Neocities so much, it is the only place I know of on the web that tries to recapture the old feel of the Internet.