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June 11th, 2017

[Doom in a window]

Hey, look, it is Doom ][ in a window! I know, I know, nothing to get excited about - but after over a week on my Amiga it is pretty impressive to me. I remember the first time I saw Doom in a window, I believe it was in Doom95, a port created for windows. Back then it impressed me as well, although I forget if I could just run it in command, also windowed. I also have a mod playing in the background, unfortunately I can only have music playing, so no sound effects from Doom. I'm curious why that is, I am speculating it is due to only 4 channels on Amiga's audio chip. I wonder if there is a way around it, and am also curious if modded Amiga 1200s with a sound card can do more. I know I can stream music through various programs, but higher bit rate will bog down the CPU since it is doing most of the work.

If I had access to my PC, I would goof around with WinUAE to see if this is a limitation to the OS, or if there is a way to listen to sounds from multiple applications. Meh, not a huge deal though. I can always listen to music through my phone, or even a radio while playing on my computer.

I did think running Doom in a window was really cool though. The FPS suffered a little bit, but I am willing to put up with that. I'm probably going to look around for a few map editors, however, I am doubtful that there were any for the Amiga. If I can find one that will run on my system, I would love to give it a try. My younger brother and I used to make maps and battle one another on them through our networked computers.

[tcalc - a spreadsheet for Amiga]

Check out that spreadsheet, haha! I can even make 3d graphs, not quite up to par with modern spreadsheets, but I am not going to be giving presentations in front of a group of people. This will do well enough for anything simple I would use it for, and I checked out a few formulas and they worked. I've got to say, the programmer did a fantastic job being that he did all of the work himself. This combined with WordWorth, and I have everything I need.

Alright, to be honest I do miss modern word processors. I make a ton of typos, and they are more likely to see a missed keystroke, or even provide suggestions. While I love the feel and sound of this keyboard, it does require a bit more of a push on the keys than what I have become used to. It is easy to at times miss a key, or even fat finger another one in. WordWorth does a pretty good job at spotting errors, but it also spots a ton of words that should not be errors. It is especially funny to see words that were not popular in the 90s getting pinged as being a mistake. As the such, I get a ton of squiggly line errors throughout my documents and sometimes I miss some.

When I look at my webpage and see the errors, I have to laugh at myself. I have become so dependant on technology that I almost forgot just how lousy I am with spelling and grammar.



I beat the first portion of Darkmere, and have now just started in the forest, this game is amazing, there is a ton of lore in it, lots of things to see and do, I am looking forward to exploring it a bit more tomorrow if time permits.