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June 10th, 2017

[Snoop to the rescue!]

Day 10 of Amiga Month, woohoo!

Today I fiddled a bit more with DiskImage (utility to mount floppy images) to further determine what was going wrong with it. I'm going to do an update, in the event that anyone has the same problem I did. I determined the virtual drives themselves were not the issue, but I did notice when I tried to mount them I would get the following error message.

"Bootblocks is not a valid keyword"

When I tried to run DiskImage via command line "DiskImageCtrl" it would freeze up the CLI. What I discovered, was that my xpkmaster.library was the wrong version, I came to this conclusion using snoop.

Snoop is an amazing tool, that tells you just about everything that is going on with a program. It will tell you things such as what libraries a program is loading, which is really helpful when a program does not run properly. This time, it was the xpkmaster.library. After a bit of research, I recalled I installed a program "moor" which came with it's own xpkmaster.library. It had installed it over mine, and as a result left DiskImage unstable.

I downloaded a new library, from the package xpk_User.lha off of aminet, and simply extracted the archive, and copied the xpkmaster.library over to my libs:. It works good as new now. I hope that some day in the future, this may help some frustrated individual looking to fix this.

[virtual images ftw]

Now I can use any adf floppy on my system, without having to go through the trouble of copying it to a real floppy. It is almost like having WinUAE, right here, on my Amiga ;) Above is a picture of TurboCalc, workbench thinks is a real floppy, but nah, it is a total impersonator!

[RIP Adam West]

Although it is not Amiga related, I still need to make note of it. As many of you know, Adam West died today, this sad news has my wife nearly in tears, and I feel pretty bad about it as well. He entertained us for years as Batman, and was very much part of both of our childhoods. RIP Adam, you will be missed :(