I've always loved personal web pages, for those of you who are younger and do not recall the web of old, most of the Internet was mostly personal homepages, often hosted by geocities, tripod, and other sites where the user would generate their own html code, much like you do on neocities.

You could spend hours on various search engines, finding all sorts of cool sites, it was sort of like a treasure hunt, and half of the fun of being online was finding those good sites and sharing them with others. The web was rich with various sites all different from one another, it was really a fantastic thing to behold.

What happened to the Internet sort of reminds me of what happened to many towns across America as Walmarts opened. A lot of the smaller shops went out of business, as everyone went to Walmart. Why wouldn’t they, it is a convenient store, it is inexpensive, one stop and you get everything you could want. Add in a few of the other major stores and you get the picture, it all starts to become very generic, the character of the town changes forever.

It is all there, all of those glorious sites, with their own creative flair, but the search engines are ill equipped to find them very well. Search for something like the Amiga computer, and you will be led to the larger sites, with few personal home pages in between. It is a good thing, I do enjoy some of the larger sites such as Amazon, Ebay, and so on.. but sometimes I just want to explore the personal sites, and it is a shame that there is no search engine out there that only hits personal homepages, not affiliated with any of these larger sites. At least, there are none that I am aware of.

Enough of my rambling, I’m just feeling nostalgic, and am glad sites like Neocities exist.

Give some of those pages a shot, there is a lot of great talent on here.