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July 8th, 2017

[Amiga 1200]

So, it has been slightly over a week since I concluded Amiga month - and I am sitting here still on my Amiga. It is just that great of a computer :)

June 30th, at 11:45 I prepared everything for my PC, I took my little roller desk out of my bedroom to my couch, grabbed my laptop from the closet, hooked everything up, then took the dogs for a walk, and then started the laptop at exactly 12:01am July 1st.

I had a few mixed cola and rum drinks, installed AROS (an x86 based Amiga OS) and goofed around for a few hours on that. I played some World of Warcraft, then hit up youtube, yahoo, and a couple of forums. AROS was awesome, there were bugs that were annoying but I think I could probably find fixes for them. Everything else was sort of bland, I was not nearly as excited as I thought I might be after a month away from my PC.

The next day I spent most of the time playing around on various social media sites such as youtube, and it just dawned on me how little I actually enjoyed any of it. Surely, I love retro computing videos, I like all sorts of videos, but the main thing I did was read comments, and it just was draining.

[Over 9000]

That is the extent of web 2.0 for you - social media, the opinion super highway. A place where people spill vitriol and rejoice in the sacred art of being angry at something, or someone.. lol, and damn am I a weak individual for letting myself get caught up in it all. I am like a moth to the zapper when it comes down to it, I want the world to be full of peace, love, and all of that nonsense which makes most people cringe, as most people I encounter on anonymous social media sites, just want to be angry about something.

I think the only place to find peace, love, and all of that nonsense is off of social media and web 2.0 in general.

At the end of July 1st, I realized how little I had actually accomplished, packed up my laptop, put the roller desk back in my room, and booted up the Amiga. Here, on this computer, my focus is tuned to the computer itself, and it is just a much more fulfilling experience than reading some stranger yelling at another stranger over very minuscule things.

I hope I am not coming off as complaining too much, I just needed to explain the reason I am back on my Amiga. This computer keeps me occupied, it is a lot of fun to keep everything running right, and to tinker around with it. I am much better with dealing with computers, than I am people =)

My daughters also like it more when I am on the Amiga, they like to sit around and watch me play games, play games along with me, and draw a bit on the various drawing applications out there. They even like it when I am sorting through HRTmon, looking for graphics. It is funny, we can do the same on my PC, but they much prefer the Amiga.. they have class! I think the amiga, is just an overall more in life social computer than my PC. I can't really explain it, but it seems when I am playing on it, everyone is more interested in watching or partaking in it.

[My bud, JD]

The only one that does not seem to appreciate it as much, is my dog JD as he would like to sit next to me on the couch. That is okay though, I plan on getting him a little bed that he can sit on next to me.

I still do use my RCA tablet, which I adore as well. It is such a cool little computer, that does quite a lot for how inexpensive it was. But the Amiga is now my main computer. My laptop, which is pretty decent for it's age, is going to remain put away for a while.

I plan on keeping a blog still, and I want to try to keep it focused on computing stuffs, with a few here and there regarding other hobbies of mine. I am going to try to keep it retro related, and use this Amiga to write the blogs on, as well as even edit images on - with all of the low resolution 256 colour splendour as Amiga Month has had.

Speaking of low resolution images, I downloaded my entire site a few days ago, and was surprised to see the entire portion of Amiga Month, with pictures included was below 5mb. That is pretty impressive considering how many pictures I had posted. As someone who has a data limit on their phone, and uses it to tether the RCA tablet to.. I can appreciate that. Going over my 2gb limit is very easy to do when browsing the web on a modern browser. I often just opt to use a text based browser.

I would rate Amiga Month as overall amazing to partake in, it was a ton of fun to go back in time and use this computer in place of any other computer. It was great to get away from the PC. My main concern was keeping this old computer running for so many hours a day, but it did fine. The only casualty so far, is a micro switch in my mouse - which I will be blogging about later when I replace it. The new switch is currently in the mail.